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We Are Not Alone!
In fact we have not been alone for quite some time…


For generations humanity pondered the eternal question, if they were alone in the universe. Although it was known to very few people at the time, that question was answered in 1945 when a nuclear detonation was detected on the third planet of a system the Vela were surveying.

When the Vela arrived they found a world that was rich in natural resources but was teeming with microbial life that proved to be quite deadly to the Vela. Luckily this world had another asset to offer, a fledgling civilization that had just harnessed the atom.  A base was soon established on the dark side of the moon to determine how to best exploit this new world.   In time they learned the languages of these humans and made allies of some.

The year is now 2060, much has happened but humanity is once again free and building a fleet of its own.

Martial Stars is a game of galactic exploration and conquest in three parts.  Admiralty covers space battles,  Planetside brings the battles to planetary surfaces and Empires adds empire building and exploration for a complete 4X experience.