Can your heroes survive what peril
awaits them within the Cave?

A complete 6 ft. by 6 ft. one inch scale cave system ripe for delving. Lead your heroes through its twisting, turning passages in search of whatever riches and perils you see fit to deposit within.


246 Page PDF Containing:

  • One single page cave map.
  • One single page cave map with a cross hair style movment grid.
  • 81 stone floor cave tiles 8′x8′ in size.
  • 81 offset stone floor cave tiles 8′x8′ in size. (hexlike movement)
  • 81 cave tiles with a cross hair movement grid 8′x8′ in size.

Printer Usage
Whenever possible we use light colors and tones to produce maps with a superior look without sacrificing too much ink on color printers or visability on b/w printers.