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Do You Want To Create Worlds?

Adventure Writer employs document linking concepts to create a revolutionary tool for Adventure creation and management. And Adventure or Campaign exists as a collection of documents of varying types, hyperlinked together for easy navigation. Adventure Writer handles all cartography and hyperlinking tasks while enabling the use of any windows applicaton as a plug-in viewer/editor for infinite expansion capabilities.

The Adventure Writer Cartography engine employs a simple tile based approach, and a scrolling terrain selector making map creation quick and simple with a minimum of artistic skill required. Simply select the terrain symbol from the selector, and place it onto your map, its that easy. Right clicking on a map location enables selection of special features such as hyperlinking, captions etc.


  • Adventure Creation (hyperlinked documents)
  • Adventure Printing
  • Map Creation (layers, smart tools, map/document linking)
  • Updated 400+ mapping symbols including Interiors (Caves, Dungeons, Modern, Scifi), Wilderness (epic 2d style, top view), and Civilizaton (Castles, Cities).
  • Smart Symbol Palettes provide support for transparent symbols, rotation, flipping, management of hidden items, and more.
  • New Smart Tileset fills make adding mountain ranges, forests, swamps, and lakes easier than ever before.
  • Built-in document viewers for Images (BMP, GIF), Tablemaster Tables (TBL), and Adventure Writer Cartography files, with external Gurps Character Assistant (GCA), Text (TXT), and Document (DOC) viewers preconfigured.
  • Rich printing capabilities including printing of a complete map or selected regions at specific measured scales, such as 1 square = 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/2″, etc. with multi-page tiled printing in B/W or full color, and print preview.
  • Captions may be added to maps with full control over font, size, style, color, and rotation.
  • Masking capabilities enable map areas to be obscured allowing partial map views to be generated.
  • Multi-layered cartography files with background, foreground, mask, and hidden object layers.
  • New Multi-mode interface provides edit, selection, and a navigation modes for exploring an adventure or campaign without fear of accidental modifications.
  • Supported by a complete library of Terrain Packs providing over 1000 additional symbols covering all subjects from castles, to starships.
  • Create your own symbols, or use symbols you already have. Any windows BMP file may be used as a mapping symbol.
  • And Much More.