Martial Stars: A Look Planetside!

Published on June 21, 2012 by in Product News

Today I thought I would touch upon one of the unique things about Martial Stars,  it’s natural combination of space and planetside battles.  Planets in Martial Stars have several (usually 6) landing zones or LZs.   Landing on planets is often necessary to access valuable resources the planet may contain.  Any space unit with the atmospheric trait can enter a planets atmosphere and land but a unit must have a higher movement than its size in order to leave the planets atmosphere again.

Space faring units are often quite formidable planetside but can also be costly and quite vulnerable so they often bring planetary units to defend them and wage war on the planets surface.   There are many types of planetary units and as with space units you can easily design your own.   There are walkers, crawlers, swimmers, flyers and divers all with different sizes, firing arcs, movement methods and equipment available.

For example a mech could be easily constructed by selecting an appropriate size walker frame, adding left, right or front firing arc weapons, then adding Jumping equipment so it can use terrain to its advantage.  Just as with space units the weapons can be tailored to suit this units role.

Planetary battlefields consist of several layers including the atmosphere, surface and submerged.   A unit may fire at any other unit in the same LZ that is within its weapons range but its harder to hit units on a different layer than you.   For example crawlers/walkers are always at a disadvantage attacking fliers or submerged units.

The beauty of Martial Stars is that planetside combat takes place right along side space combat which creates many unique tactical situations.  For example,  you are greatly outnumbered planetside and have ships full of reinforcements in the system.   Its only a matter of time until you clear the enemy blockade and can approach the planet safely, but by then the planetside battle will be lost.  So, do you let them fall and retake the planet later or attempt suicide runs through the blockade hoping enough units will make it through to turn the tide on the ground.

Well, that should wet appetites until next time,  I need to get back to laying out the book.

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