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Digital Alchemy was founded in 1993 by Dan Ridenhour to develop innovative software for the gaming enthusiast, beginning with the launch of our successful Adventure Writer family of Windows compatible products for pen & paper gamemasters and quickly following with Gamecard Wizard, Dungeon Adept, and other innovative software for gamers.

In 1998 we expanded our focus to include Web-Hosting and Design services, and providing freeware handheld applications such as our popular FUDGE DICE! die roller.

We entered the palm handheld software market in 2003 with the introduction of our popular Cartoforge product line, Carbz and Caloriez diet applications.

In 2005 our focus expanded once again to include traditional game products with the release of Hack-n-Slash: Fantasy roleplay our first RPG book, followed quickly in 2006 with a full release schedule of card and board games including Swordplay: Arena, Swordplay: Pirates and Alpha Strike.

Digital Alchemy brings over 12 years experience in game design and producing software for the gaming enthusiast.  Our experience includes Windows, Palm OS, Pascal, C++, Java, SQL, and other technologies to create custom desktop, PDA, and internet solutions.

Digital Alchemy
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