Take Your Mapping To A New Dimension With

CartoGraph Studio!

CartoGraph Studio’s point & click interface makes it easy to create maps with a minimum of fuss or artistic skill. Quickly generate a wide variety of random maps as needed or easily create your own using the included smart tools, auto-layering, and tile rotation tools. CartoGraph Studio makes simple work of complex multi-level maps while comprehensive printing options provide maps at multiple scales for use with RPGs and popular miniature games. The perfect companion for the gamemaster or miniature gamer wishing to create their own maps. 


  • Simple point & click tile based multi-level map creation.
  • Easily add positioning, tiling, masking, zooming and transparency effects to tiles using the new Effects Bar.
  • Html Help based documentation of the Application, Runic Script IDE, Tileset Editor and Runic Script Function Reference.
  • Easily create three dimensional maps with matching stairways & more.
  • Use the included Runic Script IDE to play/create applets for random encounter generation, map manipulation, text linking and more.
  • Automatic web updates from within the Application itself keep Cartograph Pro updated with all the latest tiles, maplets, feature updates and more.
  • Use the included tileset editor to create your own tilesets using any PNG images with full support for alpha channel blending and partial transparency.
  • Geomorph based random map generation using expandable maplet sets.  Enhanced for greater map variety with Dungeon and Natural Cavern maplet sets included.
  • Print maps at scales suitable for gamemaster use, 25mm figures and collectible miniature games.
  • Includes tiles for dungeons, caverns, sci-fi, & more.
  • Export maps or selected regions as bmp, jpg or png files.
  • Compatible with thousands of PNG mapping images freely available on the web.
  • Much More.