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When The Orcish Horde Attacks,
Sometimes Dice Aren’t Enough!

Need to quickly generate 20 attack rolls, determine initiative order, or just don’t have any dice handy for your Hack-n-Slash game?  The new Hack-n-Slash: Fantasy Roleplay Action Resolution Deck puts all that and more at  your fingertips.  Simply print out the card deck and your ready to roll.

This unique 48 card deck includes the following:

  • Each card includes a 4dF result roll.  1 Abysmal, 2 Terrible, 6 Poor, 9 Mediocre, 12 Fair, 9 Good, 6 Great, 2 Superb and 1 Legendary.   Need to roll attacks for a group of NPCs?  simply draw a card for each of them.
  • The center of each card includes a single dF result (+,- or blank).  When you need to roll an odd number of fudge dice simply draw a card for each die.
  • Each card is labeled either Success or Failure allowing the generation of simple coin toss style 50/50 chance results.
  • Cards are uniquely numbered 1 to 48.  Simply draw a card for each party to determine initiative order.

This set includes 8 pages of action resolution cards and one page of card backs.

Note: This is not a complete game.  Hack-n-Slash: Fantasy Roleplay or Hack-n-Slash: Fantasy Roleplay Gamemasters edition is required to use these cards to their fullest.