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Here, There Be Monsters!
Lets Go Kill’em & Take Their Stuff

Congratulations, you have found a portal to a simpler time of heroic battles and daring deeds, a time when a single simple rulebook could set you upon such heroic adventures. Welcome to the world of Hack-n-Slash. 

Hack-n-Slash: Fantasy Roleplay is a complete pick-up-and-play FUDGE-based fantasy roleplaying game with a focus on ease of play over a multitude of options. Unique usage-based skill advancement lets characters improve during play. Over 30 creatures to challenge would-be heroes are included in a combat card format including all combat information. Combat cards may be used as a reference with miniatures or folded up to become miniatures themselves.


  • Utilizes the popular FUDGE word based RPG engine.
  • Simple character creation gets you started quickly.
  • Concise Tactical Combat & Movement Rules.
  • Included Combat Cards fold up for use as miniatures.
  • Over 30 monsters to challenge would be heroes.
  • Complete Magic system with over 50 spells.
  • And much more.