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Forging Worlds Of Adventure…
In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Cartoforge is a revolutionary new tool for Gamemasters, allowing the creation of Adventures whenever and wherever inspiration strikes using a Palm Powered PDA.

Gamemasters can create Adventures on their schedule, fleshing out the details in their spare time. Simply create the adventure scene by scene, then use the included windows desktop software to print maps, create an adventure website, and more. Unlike previous computer based RPG aids, the GM can easily take Cartoforge adventures with them to the game, using the application on their PDA to keep track of the current condition of NPCs & Monsters, make note of significant events, track experience & money awarded to the players and more.


  • Designed for Palm Powered Devices, for use both before & during the game.
  • Adventure Creation (Adventure, Scene, Map, Cast, and Notes Editors)
  • Adventure Export (Text, HTML)
  • Map Creation (Tile Based, Smart Tools, Auto Layering, Cast & Note Linking
  • Scalable Map Printing (Multi-page Tiling, Hex/Grid Overlays)Scalable Map Export (BMP, JPG)
  • Medieval Interiors Symbol Art (Dungeons, Caverns, and more)
  • Wilderness, Civilization and Sci-Fi / Modern Interiors Symbol Art.Random Map Generation (Expandable Geomorphic System)
  • Expandable Beastiary of reusable creatures & NPC Templates.
  • Integrated Die Roller (2, Fudge, 4, 6,8, 10, 12, 20, and %)
  • Separate Player & Gamemaster descriptions for Adventure Objects.