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What Is Martial Stars?

Have you ever wanted to command a fleet of dozens of star ships from lowly but essential escorts to massive battleships and lead them in battle against your enemies?   Sure you have, but games have been allowing you to do that for decades.   What if you could go on to fight for the the real prize,  resource rich worlds ripe for the taking.

Martial Stars lets you do just that.  fight simultanious battles in space and within planetary atmospheres.   Can the few tanks and mechs you have on the planet survive until you can safely land more?  or do you make a risky suicide run at the planet hoping the desperately needed reinforcments make it through?

Its easy to play out large battles with 50-100 or more units in an afternoon.  All space and planetary units are designed using a simple but not simplistic design system and each design is represented by a single line of text allowing large battles to be kept track of on a single piece of paper.    In fact the design system is so intuitive and flexible that you may find yourself designing units in your head without need of complicated spreadsheets, calculators,  or constantly looking things up and doing math.

This just scratches the surface of Martial Stars,  next time I’ll touch on the campaign system and the games use of polyhedral dice.

Revised 7/16/2014

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